About Monolith
We are an established social guild based on Sargeras that partakes in all aspects of WoW. No matter what your interests are, we will do our best to help you achieve your goals and have fun playing the game. Our mission is to create a freindly fun environment for all players to succeed. We've adopted a new "Group On The Fly" mentality to help accomodate everyones busy real life scheduals. Instead of having to sign up for guild events and dictating when you play, we run social groups every night of the week. If your sick of joining guilds that mandate when you have to be on, where no one talks, and its impossible to interact, then you should come join us, we are probably the right place for you.

Alliance Side - North American - PVP - Raiding - Co-op Leveling 
Crafting - Challenge Modes - Room For Advancement

As Of September 1, 2015

Players wishing to join us will:
- Be within 3 hours of server time
- Be like minded to our cause
- Be at least somewhat social with other guild members
- Preferably have ventrilo (Optional)

Please apply in game to anyone who is online!
We hope to hear from you soon!

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